To those living in the US!

As perhaps, many of you realize, the image of the US is very low in Europe and especially in the French-speaking world because of the Iraqi war.  Other factors affecting US-Euro relations are the international positions of the Bush administration about GMO, Kyoto protocol, International Criminal Court, WTO...

I think there is a different, more real, face of the US. A face that international tensions are occulting. Every day life. All these images we don't receive from there anymore.  I have discovered through haiku the richness of US life and the diversity of cultural landscapes and traditions.

I would like to collect haiku as part of a special collection to be published in free times.  All haiku will be translated in French.

Some topics :

- the Space
- the Cycle of Seasons
- the Life
- the Past
- the Imaginary
- ...

more details...

The key point is to present what is specific to the US, ie., their varied cultures and backgrounds. I am asking people from the US to collect and select materials from lists, magazines, sites, and books.  When you send me haiku, please identify it under the heading of US Life and Culture.


Serge Tomé
Liège, Belgique

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